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Top Reasons Why It's Hard For A Backstreet Boys Fan To Fight The One Direction Love

While we are all about loving all boy bands, there’s no doubt that our favorites are obviously Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block.

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While we are all about loving all boy bands, there's no doubt that our favorites are obviously Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block.

But let's be real – we love them all. A few of us loved 'N Sync, 98 Degrees, Take That, Westlife, LFO, O-Town, Boyz II Men, New Direction and many others. But there's the new batch of boy bands that kind of tickle our fancy just a little. Especially that One Direction group. We try to deny it, but sometimes we just like them and as Foreigner said, we can't fight that feeling anymore.

Let's look at 10 reasons why, and they may be silly, as Backstreet Boys, we can't fight off the One Direction love completely.

Niall Horan

The name above should be enough for any Backstreet Boys fan. The one member of One Direction who loves the Backstreet Boys and has gone to see them in concert. And he’s blonde. And plays the guitar.

1D fans are blunt, too.

Apparently One Direction fans are just as blunt as Backstreet Boys fans. While we are not one to shy away from telling Nick Carter to stop wearing those red velvet pants in the heat of the summer, One Direction fans don’t mind telling Harry he needs a new hairstyle.

Mic stand love

Look at that microphone love. A million babies could be made from that hand slide down the mic stand.

The blonde one again...

I guess it’s a thing for blonde ones in boy bands but like Nick Carter, Niall likes to twerk his behind, too. Wait, and their names start with a N. Ooooh… oh and nice try Harry Styles.

'Night Changes' music video

In one of their most recent videos, the group decides to go on dates with fans, the ones watching the video. And the fans made the most of it by pretending they were on the dates with the guys.

Now imagine if the Backstreet Boys had done that with the “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” video. Brian looking at the camera with Tyke on the bed behind him. Nick and his weird hair pushing a strand of hair out of your face.

Excuse me.

They are kind of young...

For many Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block fans, the One Direction boys are kind of young. For most NKOTB fans, they are old enough to be their mothers. For some Backstreet Boys fans… we are old enough to be their mothers… if we were like 11-year-old girls of the night or something.


The One Direction boys are kind of sassy, which kind of reminds us of AJ McLean. That boy has sass and we love it. Almost all of the boys have that sass, especially Liam and Harry.


To be honest, One Direction is just like the Backstreet Boys in the fact that they are all dirty boys. It’s just Backstreet Boys have lived a little more life and maybe can get a little dirtier.

While all may not agree with those reasons why, as a Backstreet Boys fan, it’s hard to fight off the One Direction love, we can all agree that boy bands will never die. Even Donnie Wahlberg said it. So while One Direction will never be the Backstreet Boys, we will just be sitting off to the side trying to deny the fact that “Little Things” video doesn’t give us feelings. Bye Felicia.

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