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5 Emotions A Backstreet Boys Fan Goes Through When There’s A Surprise Event

The struggle is real, as is the all the feels.

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Last month, the Backstreet Boys fans found out that there was going to be a surprise appearance by the boys a H&M fashion show shortly before it happened and Twitter went crazy.

Like cray-zay.

That leads us to discuss the five stages of emotions that Backstreet Boys fans go through when there is a surprise event.

1. Shock

Gify/SNL / NBC

When word gets out that there boys may possibly be showing up somewhere, all together – all five together – the first thing fans feel is shock.

Is this happening?

You begin searching on Twitter and Facebook and any type of mention when you search Google News or Instagram. You ask your other handy internet friends. Is this true? Is this for real?

2. Excitement

Tumblr/"Web Therapy"

After shock comes excitement.

The boys are together!

They are all together!

What are they doing together right now?

What is this fashion show?

There’s a fashion show that they are going to? In New York City?

Wait… why are they in New York City?


3. Jealousy


Then jealousy takes over. How come these people are getting to see the Backstreet Boys?

You haven’t seen them in a year or more.

Why would they go to New York and not even tell someone?

4. Anger

Tumblr/"Friends" / NBC

Jealousy turns to anger.

Why did you NOT know about this?

Why did they go and do this and not let everybody know?

There’s the people who say, “well you don’t need to know everything,” and maybe they are right, but you just hate not knowing everything. How is it okay that other people are getting to see the boys?

It’s so not fair.

5. Pride

Tumblr/"The Office" / NBC

But then you see the reaction of everybody at the event and the press.

And the press from the event is good.

They might make the mistake and use the overused words, “Backstreet’s Back,” and you might know that they never left but regardless, the press is good.

The reaction is good.

And you raise the roof and beam with pride that your boys are making a comeback and getting the attention that they should have been getting all along.

The life of a Backstreet Boys is very hard and emotionally draining.

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