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21 Legendary Photos To Celebrate The Backstreet Boys' 21st Anniversary

The Backstreet Boys celebrate their 21st anniversary on Sunday, April 20, 2014. That means that 21 years ago, all five Backstreet Boys performed together for the first time. To celebrate, let's look back at 21 legendary photos of the best boy band in the world.

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3. Black & Blue

According to legend, this is the photo shoot that led the guys to name their third American release "Black & Blue."

Brian looks like he's ready for battle. Nick is just hot. AJ looks like he's ready to join a gang.

4. The one where Nick does what he gets girls to do.

From their "Never Gone" photo shoot, Nick is obviously showcasing what he's good at - getting girls to spread their legs. One question: Where's Brian?

5. The baggy / barefoot look

Apparently they are proud that they aren't wearing shoes, but whey do they look as if they are wearing clothes that are six sizes too big. But what are they doing to Howie?

6. I See London, I see France, I see AJ's underpants

Apparently AJ is so ashamed that his underwear his showing from the back of his pants that he can't face the camera. Brian looks like the culprit, Howie looks scared and Nick and Kevin are just smirking.

9. Sphynkter

Quite possibly the best music video ever to be known to man kind. "Just Want You To Know" introduced us to the rock band Sphynkter - aka the Backstreet Boys in leather and spandex.

10. Pink and leather

A cover shoot for the now defunct YM magazine, the boys dressed in black leather with a pink background - giving tons of fangirl graphic artists plenty of pictures to make Valentine-sounding fan fiction banners with.

12. The perfect position

There's nothing like finding the boys with their pants around their ankles. You can probably still hear the squeals from 2000 when the Rolling Stone issue came out.

16. Locked in a fangirl's room

The boys did a fun photo shoot during the "Never Gone" days in what looks like a Backstreet fan's room. Somehow it looks as if Nick woke up and didn't know where he the hell he was, but Howie was proud to be there.

18. Elmo says "Backstreet's Back"

The boys appeared on Sesame Street in 2001 to promote their "Chapter 1: Greatest Hits" package and got to sing with Elmo. Except Elmo looked WTF'd by it all.

21. 21 years

On the rocks for their "In A World Like This" photo shoot.

After 21 years, the boys are still together making beautiful music. They bring people together from around the world that may never have met one another. They help build lifelong friendships, relationships and change the lives of their fans.

Thank you Backstreet Boys.

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