15 Different Sides To Nick Carter Through His Instagram Pics

Most Backstreet Boys fans know it…. and some pretend that it’s not true, but Nick Carter is hot. Like, really, really hot. And while he’s not like his bandmate AJ McLean and posts photos to Instagram religiously, when he does, it is well worth the wait. Let’s look at 15 Instagram photos that show 15 different sides to the man, the myth, the legend that is Nick Carter. .

1. Shirtless Nick

2. Just woke up Nick

3. Smiley Nick

4. Silly Nick

5. Pug Lover Nick

6. Techno Nick

7. Dirty Nick

8. Backstreet Boy Nick

9. Funny Nick

10. Engaged / Married Nick

11. Model Nick

12. Beach Bum Nick

13. Contemplative Shirtless Nick

14. Sleepy Nick

15. Ghetto Nick

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