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13 Questions BSB And NKOTB Fans Are Tired Of Hearing

Just, shhhhh.

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3. "Aren’t you too old to like boy bands?"

How can one be too old to like boy bands? Should old people not like rap, because I’m pretty sure Snoop Dogg is close to 40. I mean, really.


5. "Aren’t New Kids old now? Like, collecting Social Security old?"

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If Donnie Wahlberg is old and collecting Social Security, then I can’t wait until I’m his age. The New Kids still have it… and are ~hangin’ tough.~ See what I did there?

6. "Why are the Backstreet Boys still called 'boys'? Why are New Kids still called 'kids'? They’re old enough to be One Direction’s fathers."


The Boys will always be boys. And the New Kids will always be kids at heart. Any more questions?


13. "New Kids on the Block is like One Direction for old people, right?"

If loving New Kids on the Block is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

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