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10 Ways One Direction Have Copied The Backstreet Boys

From having a bad boy, the quiet one and even the cute blonde who plays the guitar, both the Backstreet Boys and One Direction have a ton in common. But have things just a gotten a little too freaky in resemblances? Let's count the ways.

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1. Songs Titles: "What Makes You Beautiful" / "What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)"

One Direction's first single, "What Makes You Beautiful" sounds a lot like a song that was on Backstreet Boys' "Black & Blue" album, which also made it onto the "Princess Diaries" soundtrack!

2. Music Videos: "What Makes You Beautiful" / "Anywhere With You"

Both videos, while over 15 years apart, show the guys playing around on the beach, being flirty with girls. Very popular with the boy bands, but it gets weirder.

6. Alter Egos: "Midnight Memories" single cover / Backstreet Boys "Sphynkter" group

The Backstreet Boys became an 80's rock band named "Sphynkter" in their music video "Just Want You To Know." Suddenly, about 8 years later, One Direction decide to become an 80's rock band on the single CD cover of "Midnight Memories."

9. Video: "You & I" / "As Long As You Love Me"

They merge into another member of the band.

What the videos here: "As Long As You Love Me" and "You & I"

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