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    • karacrawfordm

      I don’t want to get intoaheated argument…this is my point of view asafriend, mother, aunt, etc.Ithink it is justashame that we can’t stay out of other people’s business…who cares what goes on behind closed doors. My husband andIdon’t put our affection on display for the world.Ijust don’t understand how uneducated people can truly be,Ihope none of the “princesses” have children that like the same sex. Just open your eyes! Marriage=Love. Doesn’t matter who it’s between.Iknowalot of “traditional” marriages that don’t have LOVE. Why should the government be able to make this decision for the U.S.? What makes them the see all, end all, do all? AndIwill end on…How many times has the Bible been changed to suit someone else’s agenda? #equalityforALL

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