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The Top 10 Reasons To Love Las Vegas

From spa treatments to the best pools, see why Vegas is so awesome! The hypnotic sights and sounds will drive your energy meter straight up!

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10. Easy Money - Kally O'Mally

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The chance to win some Easy Money! You might just pull the handle on that slot machine and win big! The possibility of winning is usually mixed in there with the having fun part, but when you hear the excitement bubbling up around a big winner, it's infectious!


#8. The Bellagio both inside and out is spectacular to see. Heck, even their website is awesome. After you see the fountains be sure to come inside to see their indoor garden. The picture if of their flower petal glass ceiling installation.

1. Outstanding Entertainment

No matter where you in Vegas you can always find great entertainment. From the Blue Man Group to Cirque to the smaller groups that play in the casino lounges...there's fun to be had at every turn!

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