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    17 Signs Your Crush Is An Aquarius

    Is your destiny written in the stars?

    1. He's curious and sincere and nice.


    You can always tell when someone is an Aquarius because they have these general decent qualities. These are good. Aquarius is good.

    2. His favorite band is Aqua.


    Because they are the only band to name an album after the greatest Zodiac sign of all time. Plus, your crush is definitely an Aquarius if he realizes that this isn't even the album with "Barbie Girl" - there are OTHER Aqua albums, sheeple. Only Aquarians know this. Your crush knows this.

    3. You met him at an Aquarius convention.


    This is totally a sign that he is an Aquarius, especially if the convention has a strict policy of no other Zodiacs allowed. Now, I've heard of Zodiac conventions, but Zodi-YUCK conventions? Sign discrimination is bad! Aquarius.

    4. He's an introvert.


    Your crush is an Aquarius if he is shy and has other introverted qualities. Sometimes, Aquarian people are not introverts, but sometimes they are. Therefore, if your crush is an introvert then you may reasonably deduce with some certainty that it has nothing to do with his birthday and he may or may not be an Aquarius.

    5. He introduces himself with "HI. MY NAME IS AQUARIUS I MEAN JOHN SORRY I'M AN AQUARIUS."


    Aquariuses are proud of their sign. Aquariuses also have loud voices. Aquariuses also probably know the plural form of Aquarius. Aquarians? Aquariai? Help?

    6. His favorite show is NBC's Aquarius.


    All Aquarians LOVE David Duchovny. I hate generalizing, but it's okay because it's true. They love him. I cannot overemphasize this. And no, I cannot tell you why. Your crush knows, and if he truly likes you then he will tell you why.

    7. He then ignores you for the rest of the convention.


    Aquariui love to play hard to get. They're just like that!

    8. He loves pizza.


    Every single Aquarius I have ever met has eaten pizza in their lifetimes. Most people who eat pizza, like pizza. Your crush is a person. Hence, your crush likes pizza. LOGIC. On a serious note, if your crush is not a person please call a helpline immediately.

    9. His favorite movie is The 40-Year-Old Virgin

    View this video on YouTube


    [SPOILER ALERT] The song "Age of Aquarius" plays in the final scene of the movie. I'm so sorry for spoiling this movie for you. But really, you should watch this movie. Besides, it's the only way to prepare for the upcoming smash sequel The 41-Year-Old Virgin.

    10. You have a crush on him which mean's he's an Aquarius because you have a type and we all know it, Karen.


    WE GET IT.

    11. Out of hatred for being ignored, you stole his license and saw that his birthday is between January 21 and February 19.

    Via Twitter: @jodyhighroller

    This works most of the time. Celebrity Fact: Riff Raff is an Aquarius!

    12. He can always find the bright side of any situation.


    "Aw, shucks. Someone stole my real driver's license. Maybe it's best that I can no longer purchase alcohol so I may be a responsible designated driver and friend."

    13. He's an extrovert.


    He may be an extrovert. He may be an introvert. I don't know anything. Who am I, Miss Cleo?!

    14. You return his license and he says, "Thank you for returning this Aquarian driver's license."

    Etsy / Via

    This is a sign that he is an Aquarius. I think.

    15. His birthday is actually not between January 21 - February 19 but he identifies with Aquarius values and nobody can choose your zodiac sign except you.


    Also, the Aquarius Convention has way more free food than the Gemini Convention.

    16. He'll do anything for free food.


    Sneak into a convention. Manufacture a fake driver's license. You name it, he'll do it. Aquariui are bold, fearless warriors. For food.

    17. He has this tattooed on his arm and/or face.


    Pretty good sign.