20 Signs You Simply Can’t Endure New England Weather For The Rest Of Your Life

Yes, it’s sooooo beautiful in the fall. But the winter and the transition into spring can truly test your will to live.

1. While growing up as a native born New Englander, the change of seasons never really affected you much.

2. Mom and Dad shoveled, drove in the blizzards, and then still made you hot cocoa.

3. Growing up, where you lived wasn’t really a choice you could make so you never thought anything about it.

4. But before you know it, you’re applying to colleges and realize you can live ANYWHERE for the next four years!

5. Of course, you pick a school in New England because it’s close to home and you realize plane flights there and back will cost you an arm and a leg.

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6. Suddenly, the leaves changing color now fills you with an urgent need to hibernate for the next four months and pretend summer is the only season that exists.

7. You meet people at your New England college who are from California and you harshly question their sanity.

What is wrong with you?

8. You have to suppress a blubbering sob when you put your summer clothes into a storage box.

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9. News anchors smiling while they predict an upcoming snowstorm makes you want to punch a hole through your TV.

10. Shoveling three feet of snow no longer drains you physically as much as it tortures you mentally and emotionally.

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11. You ask your friends if they wanna go do something and realize all your fun ideas involve being outside in the sun.

12. The idea of getting in your car, waiting for the heat to come on, and touching an ice cold steering wheel fills you with irrational rage

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13. You take your aggression towards Mother Nature out on the ice you have to constantly scrape off your car, driveway, sidewalk, heart, etc.

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14. That one fleeting day in March when it’s randomly summer outside has given you more trust issues than all your ex-boyfriends/girlfriends combined.

15. You become randomly religious and start begging some higher power for your beloved season back.

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16. Spring arrives (sorta) and toys with your emotions like a heartless bitch.

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17. Summer finally shows up like a long lost friend but you’re constantly on edge knowing it will inevitably leave you again.

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18. It feels like Target starts putting out their Christmas decorations earlier and earlier just to taunt you.

19. You begin to think it’s a sick joke that places exist out there that have beautiful and warm weather year round.

20. You start looking up flights to Australia and wonder how hard it would be to get your entire family and all your friends to up and move with you. We all hate winter right?! LET’S GO!

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