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    I Work In The Fast-Food Industry And, Honestly, You Need To Hear These 16 Wild Stories

    No, I will not pour soda into a bag for you...

    Hi. My name is Kaleb, and I work at McDonald's.

    the Chloe meme girl making a funny face with a photoshopped mcdonalds hat on her head

    1. Karen's Husband

    2. The 60-Year-Old Toy Collector

    This one is probably the weirdest experience I've ever had, including outside of work. So one day, this guy came through the drive through and asked for two Happy Meals. My manager was taking his order so she asked him what kind of sauce, side, drink, etc. he wanted. Everything seemed normal until she asked him which toy he wanted, and he said "Ooh toys, I'll take the Star Wars one." We wouldn't have thought anything of it but then he said "I'm 60-years-old, but I still love toys. I never had anything like that when I was a kid so I have to make up for it now." Just to add a sad twist to an already interesting situation.

    3. Creamer Is A Nugget Sauce?

    4. Picky Customer

    This guy came through the drive through and told me that he needed to deliver food to his mom and dad who lived fifteen miles away. Because of this, he needed everything cooked to order. I was a little annoyed because of that, but it only got worse from there. He wanted everything split up in three separate bags – one for him, his dad, and his mom. He started to order for his dad. He got a chocolate shake and some sandwiches. Then, he told me his dad wanted a straw and a spoon for the shake. AND a drink carrier. Then he said he wanted another sandwich for himself. He wanted a small fry too, also cooked to order (of course). When I handed him the food, he still wanted extra sauce and an additional bag. Surprisingly, we got everything right.

    5. On The Run

    6. Dramatic Lady

    I was in the back taking people's cash at the first window, and this one lady pulled up. I took her cash, and when I was giving her the change back, she dropped a few coins on the ground. I apologized, and then she said, "Well, what do I do now?" And I said there was nothing I could do because I couldn't reach it either so I told her she could try to open her door and reach it. She got angry and pulled to the next window. My manager came back a little while later and said that a lady told him that I threw her change on the ground and told her to get out of her car if she wanted it.

    7. Coupon Guy

    8. The Dead Aunt

    One day, my coworker came in, and she told us that her aunt died. My manager said, "Oh finally, she always causes problems when she comes through here." (Referring to the lady that accused me of throwing her change at her, which was a actually different aunt of hers). She told him that it wasn't even the right aunt and ran off. That was really awkward.

    9. A Handful Of Sandwiches

    The owner's friend said they were going to come through at a specific time one night and that they wanted 30 McDoubles. It took us forever to make them. I was worried that it was just a joke, and they weren't actually going to come through. My manager said that if it was a joke, he would personally deliver all 30 of the McDoubles to the owner's doorstep and leave them there.

    10. The Fryer

    11. Late Checks

    Our checks were two weeks late, and nothing was said about it until we started asking. All the managers and the owners did was say sorry and told us there was nothing they could do aside from requesting checks for people who really needed them from another place.

    12. Linda

    13. The Bagged Drink

    14. The Bathroom Dilemma

    When someone asked to use our bathroom, we told them that our lobby was closed. He then did IT on the side of the building. One of my managers chased after him, and the guy jumped into a random person's car! He told him to get out of the car and made the man clean it up.

    15. Linda's Mom

    16. Lastly, Pickle Allergy

    A customer asked for her Big Mac to be remade because she was allergic to pickles even though she ordered it WITH pickles on it. I told her to go park while we remade it and told the manager what was up. They went out to tell her that there were pickles in the Mac Sauce. She said, "I know, I still want the sauce," and we were like, "You just told us you were allergic to pickles?" She was not allergic to pickles. She was just trying to get it remade because she ordered it the wrong way.

    What are some of your fast-food worker horror stories? Share them in the comments!