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The Stages Of Finals Week As Described By Seth Cohen

"I'm fine. I'm just having an allergic reaction to the universe."

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Stage One: Denial

FOX / Via Tumblr

You're flipping through your planner and you see it- FINALS in big red letters. Nonononoooo. No. Finals can't be next week. We just started this semester like last month.

Stage Two: Procrastination

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You told your roommates you were locking yourself in your room to study, but you're actually busy finishing season 10 of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix to worry about finals yet. Learning how to do an emergency chest tube procedure for a pneumothorax has to count for something, right?

Stage Four: Accepting Defeat

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You've studied your textbooks front and back and- wait, what's that? the sound of your brain actually exploding? You're sleep deprived, over-caffeinated, and 50 shades of so over this whole "college thing" you keep telling yourself is going to get you somewhere in life. When's a better time than now to get your finals over with?

Stage Five: Waiting On Your Professor to Post Grades

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As if stressing out about studying wasn't enough, now it's been almost three days and your professor still hasn't even sent out an email about your exam. And to think, you thought the torture was over.

Stage Six: Celebration

FOX / Via Weheartit

You did it! You got through all of your finals and you didn't do too shabby, if you don't say so yourself. You might have even scored a few A's for a nice boost to your GPA. Time to go throw back a few drinks with your friends and forget about all the stress you put yourself through.

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