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Proof That Snapchat Wants Us to Question All Our Relationships

"So you're telling me that Britney and I both have Brian as our best friend?!"

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After taking away the precious ability to creep on all our Snapchat friends' best friends (and sending paranoid girlfriends across the globe into cardiac arrest) the app came back with an update that featured it's new emoji feature to once again rule and ruin all of your social media relationships. Needless to say, Snapchat users aren't too impressed.

Snapchat is really trying to ruin lives with those emojis

Snapchat emojis going to cause shit between psycho couples

BREAKING: Emojis next to people's Snapchat names ruins 46% of all relationships.

So snapchat gets rid of other people's best friends list just to put out emojis that hint towards best friends. Yall shady af @Snapchat

S/o to snapchat for not letting me stalk bae's best friends anymore and instead putting confusing ass emojis into the game

snapchat tryna define my relationship with people with emojis smh

These snapchat emojis suck like just bring back bestfriends so I can start fights with bae again cmon???!

lmao wtf Snapchat is shady for putting people on blast with those damn emojis

The emojis next to snapchat names are to tell who the real bae is and who's the side ho 😂

Emojis on snapchat ruining relationships since 2015

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