The Only 35 "Game Of Thrones" GIFs You Need To Survive The Heat Wave

Winter is coming. Thank the Old Gods and the New.

1. I wake up this morning and think to myself:

2. So I squint at the clock, then wonder…

3. …HOW did I wake up at 1:01 PM?

4. And I realize, that’s no clock — That’s my thermometer.

9. But it’s just a little heat, right?

10. So I drink four gallons of water…

11. …grimace out the window…

12. …and go out to face the heat.

13. I walk outside like:

14. And the heat wave is all like:

15. And I’m like:

16. I can handle this.

17. …right? I can totally handle this.

18. …okay, shit, it’s hotter than fucking Qarth up in here.


20. And the heat wave is like:

22. And I’m like:

23. First thought:

24. Second Thought:

25. Third Thought:

26. So I sprint indoors to seek heat refuge…

27. …knocked backward by blistering gusts of A.C…

28. …and it hurts. But it hurts so good.

30. Will I try to go outside again?

31. Heat Wave, you’ve taught us a few things:

32. #1. It was pretty damn unexpected

35. #4

Thank. Jesus. For Robb-fucking-Stark. PREACH, BROTHA’.

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