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Is It Too Late Now To Say Sorry, 2015?

Sorry, 2015... Love, Everyone. (Brought to you by memes, courtesy of Bieber lyrics.)

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When Chris Hemsworth made our eyeballs bleed:

When this guy decided to exist:

When Donald Trump was himself:

When Grumpy Cat was not even sorry:

...And when this cat really was sort of sorry:

(We all have one of these cats.)

(We all have one of these cats.)

When Alan Cumming wore Crocs on the red carpet:

When GOT did this...

...and then THIS:

When ALL of our relationship goals were shattered:

When One Direction lost Zayn...

...and then Louis did this...

...and then Harry did THIS:

Oof, 1D. Oof.

Oof, 1D. Oof.

When this actually, really, seriously happened:

When Pizza Rat stole our slice and nibbled its way into our hearts:

When Tom Brady deflated everyones balls:

When the Kardashian-West clan had one hell of a year...

...and Kanye "ran for President"...

...and then named their kid THIS:

When John Travolta... Travolta'ed (again??):

When the Mets lost the World Series and nobody was surprised:

When Madonna ruined Drake's lips for everybody:

When Taylor Swift actually farted a little bit on live TV:

When all of 2015 remembered this from 2014:

When 2015 decided to end this way:

And, of course... BIEBER.

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