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Rob Dyrdek's Marriage Proposal Is Straight Out Of A Fairytale

"S/O to the Genie for granting my wishes without hesitation."

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This is Bryiana Flores. The 23-year-old former playmate is dating "Fantasy Factory" star, Rob Dyrdek.

The two were watching the Aladdin Show in Disneyland when Rob told Bryiana he was going to use the restroom. He then came out on stage riding an elephant in place of Prince Ali, and the Genie granted him three wishes.

Rob's first wish was to be in the Aladdin Show.

Rob then used the Genie's magic lamp and wished for the most beautiful woman to join him on stage.


The Genie picks Bryiana out of the crowd.

*Suspense intensifies*

Rob's final wish was for something he can give her that shows his love for her is forever. The Genie presented him with the ring and Rob proceeded to get down on one knee.

*Heart melts*

"Rob confessed that he didn't know if I would want to be proposed to or not in my Disney ears so he almost tried to [get me to not] wear them. Umm no. Duh I wanna wear my ears! It's Disneyland!!!" Bryiana tweeted.

Here's the ring that pulled together the fairytale proposal.

*cue jealous rants*

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