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31 Things "Friends" Taught Us About Life

Aside from the lyrics to "I'll Be There For You..."

1. How to get out of things

2. How to get out of things on Thanksgiving

3. The best pick-up line

4. The worst pick-up line

5. Dating protocol

6. Incorrect dating protocol

7. What "I think we should see other people" means

8. How to tell someone they're your soulmate

9. Love is worth having.

10. How to help a friend in need

11. How to get revenge

12. How to feel once you graduate from college

13. How to decorate your living room

14. How to deal with intruders

15. It's important to exercise.

16. What to do when you're unemployed

17. There's more to life than money.

18. Things change.

19. Saying goodbye can hurt.

20. You'll have an occasional bad day.

21. It's okay to be miserable.

22. Fun facts about cartoons

23. Don't let a man do your makeup.

24. How to use good grammar

25. How grooms prepare for a wedding

26. How guests prepare for a wedding

27. How to justify the occasional drinking binge

28. How to avoid confrontation

29. The surefire way to apologize

30. How to relax

31. And of course... that some friendships last forever.