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31 Of The Most Relatable "One Tree Hill" Quotes

I mean, you might as well have gone to Tree Hill High...

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1. When the week starts:

2. When you're feeling weak:

3. When life is rough:

4. When you put up walls:

5. When life seems too chaotic:

6. When you fall in love:

7. When you take a risk:

8. When you're playing mind games:

9. When it's morning:

10. When you end things with your significant other:

11. When you give up on love:

12. When you feel like your life is standing still:

13. When life is really REALLY good:

14. When you're living in the past:

15. When things change:

16. When you lose touch with friends:

17. When you lose hope:

18. When you have a goal:

19. When you're not living in the moment:

20. When a reality TV show is on:

21. When you feel defeated:

22. When you're keeping a secret:

23. When you're not happy with your life:

24. When you miss someone:

25. When you're keeping a diary:

26. When someone tells you you're too young:

27. When you're having a bad day:

28. When you're having an identity crisis:

29. When you're taking on a big challenge:

30. When you're seizing the day:

31. And of course, when you're struggling to open a soup can:

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