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    19 Things All "One Tree Hill" Fans Seriously Need

    Don't say we never gave you anything.

    1. Cast T-Shirt

    2. Extended Cast T-Shirt

    3. Brooke Davis Print

    4. People Always Leave Tote

    5. Keith Scott Body Shop Hoodie

    6. Drinking Glasses

    7. Clothes Over Bros Crop Top

    8. "Somebody Told Me" Print

    9. Karen's Cafe Mug

    10. Stickers

    11. Signed Script

    12. "Every Song Ends" Art

    13. iPhone Case

    14. Nathan Scott Jersey

    15. Tree Hill Ravens Bracelet

    16. Red Bedroom Records Print

    17. Karen's Cafe Postcard

    18. Tree Hill Ravens Hoodie

    19. The Complete Series