18 Post-Grad Thoughts As Told By Anchorman


1. It’s time to graduate!

2. You may not be ready…

3. ..and the competition will be fierce…

4. …but it’s okay, your skills will easily land you a job.

5. And you’re not one of those annoying millennials…

6. …even if you are one of the last one of your friends to get a job.

7. You’re definitely happy for them…

8. …while you’re sitting at home like…

9. …then you find pleasure in the simple things.

10. But underneath it all you feel more like

11. but you go on your first interview!

12. So you show them how versatile you are…

13. and even when they ask the tough questions, you’re cool under pressure.

14. When you leave you’re pretty confident

15. like, really confident.

16. And when that fateful day comes…

17. you’ve landed the job!

18. After 4 years of your time and $100,00 it was totally worth it.

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