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14 Things That Happen When You're The New Kid

New School? New Job? It's cool we've all been there

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1. When you walk in the first day and see someone from orientation/when you were interviewed

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2. The dreaded "TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF" moment

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3. When people try to walk all over you & you know it ain't right but you too new to say no

4. When you're eating and someone comes up to ask you for something but your mouth is full

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5. When someone gets your name wrong and you don't know if you should correct them right away

6. When you think someone wants to get to know you, but it's really because they needed something

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7. When you ask one question and have 5 more as a result of that first one

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8. When you over hear/see something funny happen but it's awk cause you don't know anyone involved


9. When your shoes make a fart noise while walking through the halls

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It happens to grown ups too

10. When you're snapchatting and you totally get caught by the girl/guy you think is hot

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11. When someone who's been there longer than you takes credit for something you did


12. When the one person everyone hates starts talking shit about your new friends

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13. When you think it's cool to reveal a little bit of your actual personality


14. In general when you do or say anything wrong

We were all the new kid once, but soon enough you'll be the big fish in the small pond, and it'll be awesome.

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