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    26 Of The Cutest Moments In "Single's Inferno" Season 2

    From Choi Jong-woo making pa-jeon to Kim Se-jun telling Lee So-e that being with her gives him comfort.

    As with most dating shows, Single's Inferno isn't just about the destination, but the journey.

    Choi Jong-woo and Shin Seul-ki hold hands as they walk together

    On their journeys to finding love, the singles shared some very cute moments. Here are our favorites:

    1. Lee So-e watching as Jo Yoong-jae disposed of the dish water.

    Yoong-jae carries an extra bin and smiles asking So-e if she was watching him, she replied "Good job"

    2. Choi Jong-woo working so hard on making pa-jeon.

    3. Choi Jong-woo and Kim Han-bin trying to look at an annoying fly in a positive light.

    Choi Jong-woo looks up at a fly while Kim Han-bin sits near him and says "Someone else might like us too, since the fly likes us"

    4. Choi Seo-eun and Jo Yoong-jae staying up all night to talk at Paradise.

    Shot of the outside of the hotel with the caption, "Can we stay up a bit more?"

    5. Choi Jong-woo giving Shin Seul-ki an affectionate nickname because she sparkles like the ocean.

    6. Kim Han-bin's excited wave when he realized that Choi Seo-eun had also chosen him to go to Paradise with.

    Han-bin smiles and waves enthusiastically

    7. Kim Jin-young getting excited in his Paradise hotel rooms, checking drawers, playing with lights and...accidentally bumping into his reflection in the mirror.

    8. Kim Han-bin and Choi Seo-eun helping each other put on face masks.

    9. Kim Jin-Young and Shin Seul-ki's little hand holding moment in the pool.

    Kim Jin-young and Shin Seul-ki's hand touch underwater

    10. Kim Jin-young doing Shin Seul-ki's hair for her.

    Seul-ki smiles and asks, "Are you sure it's okay?" while Jin-young straightens her hair

    11. Choi Seo-eun telling Jo Yoong-Jae that she left her heart behind in Inferno when she went to Paradise without him.

    12. Choi Jong-woo rushing to bring Shin Seul-ki vitamins and a face mask to help her feel better.

    13. Choi Jong-woo finding a poem in his book to share with Shin Seul-ki and insisting she read it before bed.

    Choi Jong-woo hands a book to Seul-ki through her tent telling her to read only one side

    14. ...and getting so excited when she realizes she read it.

    Jong-woo smiles to himself and says "she read it"

    15. Choi Jong-woo giving Shin Seul-ki a wet wipe to wipe her tears as they talk about the poem.

    Seul-ki laughs while she wipes her tears asking Jong-woo why he gave her a wet wipe when she's crying

    16. And Jong-woo and Seul-ki both wanting to cry as they talk about their feelings for each other.

    Seul-ki says "Lets just cry here together" while laughing and Jong-woo asks "should we?"Z

    17. Kim Se-jun being stressed when he realizes they'll have to cook for themselves while Kim Han-bin goes to Paradise.

    Se-jun says "Oh, we have a problem" while wiping his forehead

    18. All the hosts crying because they were happy for Choi Jong-woo finally winning his chance to go to Paradise with Shin Seul-ki.

    All the hosts of Single's Inferno say "Why is everyone crying? I'm tearing up because of Jong-woo"

    19. Shin Seul-ki encouraging Choi Jong-woo to order everything he wants from the hotel restaurant.

    20. Choi Seo-eun telling Jo Yoong-jae she just wanted to be in a happy relationship with someone who makes her smile, talking about him.

    21. Shin Seul-ki realizing that she knew about Choi Jong-woo's café and getting excited when he promises to bring a coffee truck to her graduation.

    22. Kim Se-jun telling Lee So-e that being with her gives him comfort.

    Se-jun and So-e sit together as he tells her that she gives him comfort just by seeing her

    23. Lee Nadine telling Jo Yoong-jae that she has no idea what to do about Kim Jin-young and that's why she took him to Paradise.

    24. Choi Seo-eun and Jo Yoong-jae staying up all night talking...again.

    Yoong-jae touches Seo-eun's head as she falls asleep in bed

    25. Everyone gassing Park Se-jeong up when she revealed to the group that she was a model.

    Park Se-jeong smiles and poses as everyone chants "Hot girl!"

    26. The hosts crying (again!) when Shin Seul-ki chooses Choi Jong-woo.

    A host of Single's Inferno cries and wipes his tears

    What was your favorite cute moment from this season of Single's Inferno? Let us know in the comments!