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    These Are The Final Couples Of "Single's Inferno" Season 2

    Were you as surprised as us?!

    The finale of Single's Inferno Season 2 hit Netflix this week, and the contestants had to make their final decisions about who they'd like to leave Inferno with.

    So-e looks at Se-jun seriously

    Like the process of going to Paradise, you can only leave with the person you choose if they chose you as well. Some people left in couples, while others were left alone.

    Choi Jong-woo looks towards the ceiling in thought

    Here's how Single's Inferno Season 2 ended for everyone:

    Lee Nadine: Single

    Nadine smiles at a dinner table

    Park Se-jeong: Single

    Park Se-jeong looks off into the distance

    Kim Han-bin: Single

    Kim Han-bin stares off into the distance

    Shin Dong-woo: Single

    Shin Dong-woo looks upset as he stares in the distance

    Lim Min-su: Single

    Lim Min-su smiles while sitting on a beach chair

    Kim Jin-young: Single

    Wearing all black, Kim Jin-young sits on a bed and looks serious

    Lee So-e: Kim Se-jun

    Choi Seo-eun: Jo Yoong-jae

    Choi Seo-eun and Jo Yoong-Jae sit across from each other smiling

    Shin Seul-ki: Choi Jong-woo

    Shin Seul-ki smiles up at Choi Jong-woo, holding hands

    Whose ending shocked you the most? Do you have a favorite couple? Let us know in the comments!