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28 Reasons "Kaiser The Berner Bear" Really Is A Little Bear

This Bernese Mountain Dog is the Fluffiest Fluff of All the Fluffy Berner Bears.

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1. He is curious just like all his fellow little bears. / Via

2. He loves to run wild through green pastures. / Via

3. He has a fluffy bear face with fluffy bear paws.

4. He takes little bear naps. / Via

5. He hangs by his little bear watering hole. / Via

6. He sits like a little bear sits while relaxing at the lake. / Via

8. He looks at you with deep little bear eyes. / Via

9. He has little bear teeth and a little bear nose. / Via

10. He likes to play with sticks like his fellow little bear cubs. / Via

11. He has fluffy bear bed head when he wakes up from his little bear naps. / Via

12. He has the happiest of little bear smiles to brighten everyone's day. / Via

13. He has floppy little bear ears.

@KaiserTheBernerBear / Via

14. He has little bear boots to protect his little bear paws in the winter. / Via

15. He loves a good baby bear blowout.

@KaiserTheBernerBear / Via

Okay, so maybe this isn't a little bear thing, but how cute?!

16. Sometimes he needs a pick me up when his little bear legs get tired. / Via

17. He loves to enjoy a nice snow day once in a while. / Via

18. He loves to curl up for little bear naps. / Via

19. He loves to collect snowflakes on his little bear face. / Via

20. He has a goofy oversized little bear tongue. / Via

21. He loves to have little bear hang outs with his other wild friends. / Via

22. He is always willing to lend a little bear hug to a friend in need. / Via

23. He has the beary-est of little bear paws. / Via

24. He has all the little bear fluff. / Via

25. He has little bear brothers and sisters. / Via

26. He is a social little bear who loves to play with other little friends. / Via

27. He stands tall and proud like a little bear stands. / Via

28. And last but not least, he's always happy to be a little bear co-pilot. / Via

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