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15 Dogs Who Are Way Too Excited For Labor Day


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1. Monte is ready for a Labor Day Picnic!

2. Bella has on her attire for the weekend!

3. Pumpkin is can't wait another second for the weekend

4. Scrappy is ready to cook up a storm!

5. Toby ready for a fun filled Labor Day!

6. Miles has his meal ready for Labor Day!

7. Toast is ready for a relaxing 3 day weekend!

8. Olive chillen til Labor Day!

9. Simon is beachin it for Labor Day!

10. Yogurt has the watermelon all ready!

11. Lucy and Blaze have the burgers!

12. Gus and Rosie on the go for Labor Day!

13. Yoshi has the chips for the BBQ!

14. Geordi has the hot dogs ready!

15. Champ has this picnic for Labor Day down pat!
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