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If You Can Guess These Movie Titles Correctly With The Vowels Missing, You Are A True Movie Lover

Are vowels really necessary for accurate communication? Let's find out!

  1. D__ H_RD

  2. SL_MD_G M_LL__N__R_

  3. CH_RL__ _ND TH_ CH_C_L_T_ F_CT_R_

  4. T_T_N_C

  5. W_LL-_


  7. M_R_ P_PP_NS

  8. W_ST S_D_ ST_R_

  9. TH_LM_ _ND L__S_

  10. J_R_SS_C P_RK

  11. S_V_NG PR_V_T_ R__N

  12. WH_N H_RR_ M_T S_LL_

  13. F_RR_S B__LL_R'S D__ _FF

  14. TH_ PR_NC_SS BR_D_

  15. BL_D_ R_NN_R

  16. TH_ S__ND _F M_S_C

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