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10 Pieces Of Totes Adorbs Sailor Moon Merch

In the name of the moon, I'm gonna buy all this cute stuff!

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Sailor Moon, the ultimate magical girl and female-empowerment icon, has been enjoying a major resurgence of popularity thanks to the new anime adaptation, Sailor Moon Crystal. And along with that new adaptation came some pretty sweet merchandise (mainly from Japan, of course). Without further ado, here are 10 Sailor Moon items that are absolutely out of this world!

1. Cosmic Heart/Crisis Moon Compact Headphones and Carrying Case / Via

In the original anime series, Usagi used the Cosmic Heart and Crisis Moon compacts to transform into Sailor Moon. Sadly, these headphones won't give you the powers of a magical girl, but they will help you block out the haters.

2. Sailor Moon Crystal Brooch Necklace / Via

At around 14,850 yen, or $140, this necklace version of Sailor Moon's brooch will cost you a pretty penny. It's also a Japan-only exclusive, so if you want to get this for yourself, you'll have to use a deputy service like this one. Sailor Moon Collectibles explains how to use a deputy service here.

4. Proplica Cutie Moon Rod / Via

While the Cutie Moon Rod Proplica may light up and play music, it is definitely not a toy. It's a 1:1 scale replica of the Cutie Moon Rod weapon used in Sailor Moon Super S, perfect for the devoted fan or cosplayer alike. Click the picture to see a video of the Cutie Moon Rod in action!

5. Transformation Brooch iPhone 5 Case / Via

While the original Sailor Moon anime featured the best and clunkiest of early '90s technology, Sailor Moon Crystal is set in the age of smartphones. Show the world how much you still dream of being a Sailor Senshi with this cute phone case. If you're not a fan of the red, it also comes in pink.

6. Sailor Moon Costume Dress$newht_product_lg$ / Via

Hot Topic, that paragon of mall fashion, has provided a modern American take on Usagi's famous uniform for those who don't want to drop serious cash on a Moon-themed Halloween costume. However, this dress is cute and casual enough that you might want to wear it as a normal outfit.

7. Sailor Moon Lingerie & Pajamas / Via

Yes, this exists. The Japanese lingerie brand Peach John teamed up with Premium Bandai earlier this year to create Sailor Moon-themed lingerie sets, pajamas, and regular underwear. The lingerie sets proved so overwhelmingly popular that a second set has been announced, refining the designs of the existing costumes and adding new designs themed around the Outer Senshi (as well as, disturbingly enough, Sailor Chibimoon, who is supposed to be a 7 year old).

8. Luna-P Plush Doll/Cushion / Via

Luna-P, a device used by Chibimoon to defend herself and communicate with allies, is now available in plush form to defend your bedroom! Unfortunately, even if you say "Abracadabra -Pon!" it won't transform into anything else, but it's so cute you won't want it to.

9. Sailor Moon Crystal Eau de Toilette / Via

The Sailor Moon Crystal version of the Miracle Romance perfume has an even prettier bottle than the original. However, that's the only difference; the two versions smell exactly alike, with fruity top notes, floral middle notes, and a base containing musk, amber, and vanilla.

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