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The 12 Struggles Of Life After College

College was a breeze. Now it's time to strap on your adult helmet, jump on that struggle bus, and ride it straight towards Jobsville.

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1. College is over. Now its time to think about a job.

20th Century Fox / Via

"I think I learned how to do that..."

2. Overwhelmed by all of the jobs you aren't qualified for.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

3. Apply. Apply. Apply.

BBC / Via

Entry level position, must have a minimum of three years experience.

4. Rejection emails galore.

20th Century Fox / Via

It's all right. I can just live with my parents forever. No. Big. Deal.

5. Eventually you get an interview.

Disney / Via

Hell yeah! You got this. You will totally rock this adult life thing!

6. Until you realize that there are other people fighting for the same position.

CBS / Via

Ugggggggggg. People. They are probably way more qualified...

7. And those interview questions.

20th Century Fox / Via

How are you even supposed to answer that truthfully?

8. But the hardest part is watching your friends get jobs.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Of course I'm happy for you...Do I have a job? Oh, well, you know...I'm just taking the summer off.

9. And those nagging parents!

FX Productions / Via

Of course I'm applying, mom. It's not that easy!

10. Time to regroup. New resume. New you.

Buena Vista International / Via

Special skills include, but are not limited to, eating pizza, drinking copious amounts of alcohol, binge watching an entire series on Netflix in less then 48 hours. Oh, and avoiding all responsibilities.

11. The job search is never ending.

The CW / Via

But don't lose faith.

12. Because eventually something will come along!

Disney / Via

Sweetbaby Jesus. You actually want to pay me?

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