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15 Ways To Up Your Sass Game, As Told By The Guys From "Teen Wolf"

Lacking in the sass department? Let these sassy little wolves explain how it's done.

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1. Know the importance of the side-eye.

MTV / Via

You say bitch face, he says "bitch please."

2. A good eye roll is a must.

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3. It's okay to be a bit cheeky.

MTV / Via

He also accepts the term saucy smartass.

4. Always have a good comeback.

MTV / Via

He has a comeback for every situation. EVER.

5. Be honest.

MTV / Via

Honesty really is the best policy.

6. The art of the facial expression is everything.

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7. Speak your mind.

MTV / Via

It's only hurtful if it's a lie. Refer to number 5.

8. Sarcasm is a way of life.

MTV / Via

Sarcasm, sass, what's the difference?

9. A good sashay is everything.

MTV / Via

Be the fierce fabulous wolf you were meant to be.

10. Never back down from a challenge.

MTV / Via

The true sass king never backs away from anything. So except it and move on.

11. Question everything.

MTV / Via

Any questions?

12. Never admit defeat.

MTV / Via

Keep calm and stay sassy.

13. Know that your friends will turn to you in their desperate need of sass.

MTV / Via

Own that you are the sassiest friend that ever lived. It's a right of passage, really.

14. Again comebacks are EVERYTHING.

MTV / Via

That's it. Be the wolf, sass like the wolf.

15. And remember confidence is key.

MTV / Via

Every true sass master knows it.

Now go out and sass the world.

MTV / Via

And maybe one day you'll reach the sassiness of these wolves...maybe.

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