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    17 Decor Items To Fancy Up Your Home A Little Without Going Broke

    Who says decorating means spending all your life savings and then some?

    1. This wrought iron wall hanging cycle with a basket for storing books or decorative plants that'll have all your visitors exclaiming their admiration for such a unique piece - ₹1,999

    A hanging cycle that looks like it's coming out of the wall.

    2. This little side table in the design of a picnic table that you can turn into a bookshelf, place some flower pots on, or use as a side table in your living room - ₹688

    A table with three platforms similar to a picnic table, with flower vases on two ends and books piled on the main table.

    3. This stylish designer wooden foot stool/round table that'll be a super fancy addition for such a small item - ₹599

    4. These artificial grass tiles that you can put up in your balcony or even inside your home to liven up your place (especially if you love the outdoors but hate going out) - ₹279

    5. These zigzag shelves for the corners of your home to hold all your overflowing books (also helping you solve the problem of where exactly do I keep this new batch of books??) - ₹999

    Zigzag shelves attached to a corner wall, besides a wall covered with paper with text on it.

    6. This ceramic fish backflow incense burner that will add a mystical quality to your decor and is perfect for a yoga room or corner - ₹3,900

    An incense burner with two fishes swimming inside, where smoke deposits to form a sort of pond.

    7. This gorgeous ceiling lamp with an antique look that's perfect for your living room - ₹970

    8. These shimmery 3D butterflies you can use to create a swarm on any empty wall in your home to add some personality to your space - ₹349

    A 3D butterfly placed on a photo frame, with corners of other butterflies visible.

    9. This pair of bamboo ceiling lamps that'll help you bring a more traditional touch to your home - ₹1,179

    10. This subtle and elegant 40-inch handmade wall clock that'll give a contemporary and minimalistic look to your interior decor - ₹4,999

    11. This wire mesh chandelier that's not as delicate and easy to break as those glass ones, and still pretty darn elegant - ₹890

    A lit up mesh chandelier throwing patterns on the wall behind it.

    12. This handcrafted golden wall bracket in the shape of a bird where you can hang small planters or candles - ₹749

    A hand holding the plant attached to the wall bracket.

    13. This heart-shaped photo grid for a place to put up all those memories that are close to your heart - ₹699

    14. These sheer white curtains from Ikea that'll give an open and airy feel to your home while also keeping your privacy intact - ₹684

    Curtains covering a window.

    15. These curtain string lights that are the perfect addition to your new curtains, with 8 modes for all your moods - ₹1,099

    String lights draped over curtains, and various other furniture and decor items such as a chair, side tables, and a plant.

    16. This set of 4 adorable pots for your most loved succulents to reside in, that'll give a homey and serene feel to your place - ₹799

    17. And finally, this "Oh No, Not You Again" doormat that will reveal your true feelings to visitors so they think twice about disturbing your peace (no need to get out of your comfy PJs!) - ₹495

    A pair of legs in front of the door mat.