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    15 London Street Artists You Should Know

    London has epic street art. Do you know the artists? Here are some in no particular order of awesomeness.

    1. Snikarts

    Kaely Monahan / Via

    Snik is a master of stencils. Her pieces have an almost Caravaggio atheistic that is stunning. Check more of her work here.

    2. D7606

    Kaely Monahan / Via

    This prolific artist is easy to spot! D7606 is always creating something fun and dynamic. You can recognise his work by the iconic pop-culture figures and bright colours. See more here.

    3. Trash Is Art

    Kaely Monahan / Via

    This quirky Spanish artist makes use of anything and everything to create fun and whimsical creatures. His horses are easy to spot as it is his signature. You can find lots of his work in Shoreditch in east London.

    4. Alexi Diaz

    Kaely Monahan / Via

    Puerto Rico native, Alexis Diaz creates some truly fantastical creatures that could be well at home in a Tim Burton film. Read more about her here.

    5. Monsu Plin

    Kaely Monahan / Via

    Such a face can never be missed!

    6. Stik

    Kaely Monahan / Via

    London based artist, Stik simple figures exude emotion. See more here.

    7. Lily Mixe

    Kaely Monahan / Via

    Native Parisian, Lily Mixe is now based in London. Her black and white animals are always eye-catching!

    8. Gregos

    Kaely Monahan / Via

    Giving face to street art. Gregos sculptures are always a fun surprise!

    9. Jana & JS

    Kaely Monahan / Via

    A street art duo now based in Austria, Jana & JS use stencils to create their in-depth pieces. Check out more here.

    10. Otto Schade

    Kaely Monahan / Via

    This Chilean artist is easy to spot with his distinctive ribbon forms and abstract bodies. Check him out here.

    11. Pegasus

    Kaely Monahan / Via

    London based Chicago native, you can spot Pegasus' pop-art icons throughout the city.

    12. Cranio

    Kaely Monahan / Via

    Fabio Oliveira is better known by his street art name of Cranio. Originally from Brazil, he is inspired by the native peoples of the Amazon.

    13. Paul Don Smith

    Kaely Monahan / Via

    Paul Don Smith has been painting for 27 years. His art is all over London.

    14. Dscreet

    Kaely Monahan / Via

    You can easily spot Dscreet's mighty taloned owls.

    15. Howl Owl

    Kaely Monahan / Via

    Also known as Eulen Heulen, Howl's owls kind of look like ghost cats, no?

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