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    15 Ways Crows Will Blow Your Mind

    Crows are part of a diverse family of songbirds that includes: ravens, jays, magpies, rooks and jackdaws. And did I mention they're all seriously smart?

    1. Like people, there are famous crows. The most famous is Betty, the tool-making New Caledonian Crow.

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    When presented a bucket of food and a straight wire, Betty fashioned herself a hook to pull the food out of the tube. For reference, you probably couldn't have solved that problem until you were three. New Caledonian Crows are known for their ape-like tool making and have gone on to show they can solve multi-step problems.

    2. They play.

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    For many animals, play as juveniles is a common and important way to practice key life skills. Videos of snowboarding, wind-surfing, and barrel-rolling adult corvids suggest that for them, however, play may be something that is done throughout life simply for fun. There have even been stories of pet crows dragging a string for the pet cat. How they actually feel during these moments remains mysterious, but it looks to us like they are having a lot of fun.

    3. They can count.

    4. Crows love MacDonalds as much as you do.

    5. If you're nice, they might bring you a present.

    6. Are you talking to me? Yes.

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    Via YouTube

    Lots of corvid species can be trained to talk and are generally impressive mimics. In the 1950s crows were popular pets and it was a common myth that you had to fork their tongue for them to be able to talk, which is of course nonsense. (For any West Coast beer aficionados, this is a myth started by none other than Pliny the Elder.)

    7. Oh, and they use that talent for evil.

    A presumably escaped pet crow in Montana used the phrase "Here boy, come boy" to round up a pack of neighborhood dogs, which it then set loose on the campus of the University of Montana.

    8. They won't work for free.

    9. Their brains grow seasonally.

    10. They make their own bug repellent.

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    Via Youtube

    If you've ever had the unfortunate experience of squishing an ant, you'll know they release a stink hideous enough to drive even the most persistent proselytizer away. Crows are known to sit on ant hills and rub crushed ants over their feathers, releasing the formic acid which helps keep bugs and parasites away.

    11. They have sleepovers and share the news of the day.

    12. They're watching you and telling their friends.

    13. They are loving partners...

    14. ...And parents.

    15. They have funerals.