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17 Moments During The Holidays All Single People Understand

Single bells, single bells.

1. When it's the first day of Christmas and your true love gives you nothing because you're single AF:

2. When you get stuck under the mistletoe alone:

3. When your friends are going on and on about the amazing presents they got from their S.O.s:

4. When you realize you don't have to share any of your Christmas cookies:

5. And when you realize you're not completely broke because you didn't have to spend money on presents for a significant other:

6. When your family keeps asking if you're seeing anyone new:

7. When you're sitting there awkwardly while all the couples have their New Year's Eve kiss at midnight:

8. And then when you realize you're probably going to be single for another whole year:

9. When all the couples are arguing over where they're going to go for Christmas and you're straight chilling:

10. When you get kinda lonely and envious of all the holiday romance you can't take part in:

11. When you feel awkward at the holiday party so you stand in the corner and stuff your face:

12. When you get Christmas cards from your married friends and start questioning what direction your life is headed in:

13. When you spot a hottie across the room that you could potentially pull under the mistletoe:

14. When your pet is your bae and you wouldn't have it any other way:

15. When your family members start asking if you're ever going to get married:

16. When the thought of cookies is more exciting than the thought of actually dating someone:

17. And finally, when you realize that you're single but that will never stop you from KILLING IT: