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    21 People Who Mastered The Art Of Being Passive Aggressive

    You again?

    1. This sweet person who had some helpful advice:

    2. Mary's lovely employee:

    3. These roommates:

    4. And this sincere apology:

    5. This passive-aggressive airport:

    6. The person who printed up this sign:

    7. This very important memorial plaque:

    8. This polite post office sign:

    9. This person who really wanted to send a message:

    10. This friendly craft store sign:

    11. The person who wrote this thoughtful parking note:

    12. And the owner of this sweet bumper sticker:

    13. The passive-aggressive dentist:

    14. The person who customized this license plate:

    15. And whoever hung up these gloves:

    16. The person who slashed this guy's tire:

    17. And the creator of this welcome mat:

    18. The drawer of this convenient parking space:

    19. And the guy who put this on the fridge:

    20. This stickler for toilet paper:

    21. And finally, this wi-fi war: