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16 Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe And Happy This Thanksgiving

Say yes to pumpkin and no to nutmeg!

1. It's OK for your best bud to have a little nibble of turkey, just make sure it's "boneless and well-cooked."

2. Turkey skin is fatty and difficult for your pet to digest, so it's best to ditch the skin if your pet is snacking on a bit of turkey.

3. Pumpkin actually has a ton of health benefits for your pet, including contributing to their digestive health and preventing obesity.

4. Make sure there isn't any nutmeg in your recipe if your pup has a bite of pumpkin or sweet potato.

5. Sage might be delicious for humans, but it's harmful for pets in large quantities. Cats are especially sensitive to the ingredient.

6. Raw bread dough will rise in your pet's stomach if eaten, causing extreme "abdominal pain and bloating" that could result in a life-threatening situation.

7. Onions and garlic can cause serious damage to your pet's red blood cells so it's best to keep your buddy away from those kind of snacks.

8. Grapes and raisins are harmful to your pets and are known to cause kidney failure in dogs.

9. The non-caloric sweetener Xylitol is potentially fatal if ingested by your pet. It can lead to a "severe drop in blood sugar levels, disorientation, seizures" and possible liver failure.

10. Fresh vegetables can be a great treat to add to your dog's diet.

11. Sweet potatoes are an especially great source of vitamin B6 and vitamin C for your pup!

12. Keep those bones away from your pet — they can cause choking or injury to your pet's digestive tract.

13. Chocolate is a delicious part of any holiday dessert, but not for your pets! It can be highly toxic, so make sure to keep your best bud away from the dessert table when the chocolate comes out.

14. You might want to load up your mashed potatoes with salt this holiday, but make sure not to share them with your pet!

15. Apple-picking season just wrapped up, and apples can make a great crunchy treat for your pup! Make sure he doesn't eat the core, though: Apple seeds contain cyanide, which is harmful to dogs.

16. Most important, make sure to keep everything in moderation for your pet this holiday season!