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21 Joyous Photos Of Doggos To Put A Smile On Your Face

Puppers — they're the best.

We recently asked subscribers to the BuzzFeed Animals newsletter to submit photos of their super-cute pets. And it turns out these cuties are real experts on brightening everyone's day!

1. This adventurer who is ready for a sweet summer cruise.

2. This gentleman who always does some light reading before bed.

3. And this curious pooch who really knows how to work the puppy-dog eyes.


5. This pooch who knows how to make love to the camera.

6. And this goofball who can't stop smiling.

7. This dog who understands the importance of safety.

8. These unlikely best buds having an insanely adorable snuggle session.

9. This lil' pal who is rocking the head tilt.

10. These best friends who paused to have a hug while they were adventuring.

11. This guy who isn't afraid to tell the world how he really feels.

12. This dog who just discovered the beauty of dandelions.

13. This glorious team player.

14. This playtime pal who just wants to toss the Frisbee.

15. This cheeky guy who loves blowing kisses.

16. This guy who can't read but will never stop chasing his dreams.

17. This gentleman who has proper manners at the dinner table.

18. This corgi who has his game face on.

19. This glorious birthday boy.

20. This doggo who is clearly having the time of her life.

21. And finally, this fancy lady who simply cannot stop smiling about her new hat.