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Updated on May 10, 2019. Posted on Jun 8, 2016

29 Pictures That Will Make Your Day A Wee Bit Better

Because we're all sad and stressed out.

1. This teeny tiny tot.

2. These brave souls who are keeping an eye on the front yard.

3. These best buds chillin' in the sunshine.

4. This dude who is sick of his best friend acting like everything is a JOKE.

Rhonda Ibis Schneider

5. This pup who is showing off her spot. / Via @Kfperin reddit

6. This Berner who has the puppy-dog look down pat.

7. This angel who just experienced having a bath for the very first time.

8. This avid ice cream enthusiast.

9. This sweet bun who understands the importance of hand holding.

10. This real-life Puss in Boots.

11. This friendly chap demonstrating proper head-tilt posture.

12. This brave soul who just tried out the slide for the first time.

13. And this teeny tiny cuddler who will never let go of his best friend's paw no matter what.

Cris Trussell

14. This champ who knows how to make the most of a day at the park.

15. This pal who put on his brave face at the vet even though he was a little nervous.

16. This regal king and his cardboard castle.

17. This lil' lady who's lookin' mighty cute while she cools off at the dog park.


19. This kitten who has incredibly good balance even though he's just a baby.

20. This flooferton who was just trying to shake things up a bit.

21. This lady who won't let a snow day stop her fun.

22. This boss who is ready to get down to business.

23. These two who have a totally unbreakable bond.

24. And these pals who just love to spoon the day away.

25. These buns showin' off their lovely bun feets.

26. This romantic scene.

27. And this little tiny mustachio buddy.

28. This guy who wants to give watchdogs a run for their money.

29. And finally this precious cow, who's straight up sitting like a dog.

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