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17 Cats Who Do Not Care About Christmas

Happy holidays? No such thing.

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1. "Merry freakin' Christmas."

2. "Ho, ho, ho. Haha, get out of my face now."

3. "Do not call me Rudolph."

4. "You want me to be your sweet little holiday gift this year? HAHAHA. Never."

5. "I'm 'Santa Paws'? How clever! I hate you."

6. "This is a solid hell no."

7. "The only gift you will be getting around here is the gift of my flawless presence."

8. "'Tis the season to get the hell away from me."

9. "Aw, this holiday village came out so cute! I'm going to destroy it."

10. "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to not. Ever."

11. "You must think you're real clever taking my shiny toys and decorating your tree with them."

12. "This is a very nice bed you've set up for me but when are the little people going to get the hell out of it."

13. "Can I shred it yet?"

14. "Haha. I'm a holiday elf. Can't you see the Christmas cheer bursting out of my eyes?"

15. "Is this really necessary?"

16. "I know where you sleep, human."

17. "The sound I make when you try to give me a bath is better than your Christmas caroling TBH."

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