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    • kaela

      Asawoman,Idon’t appreciate Rebecca Watson portraying herself asafeminist, when her type of angry and misguided rants at everyone around her are exactly the image that is damaging to the image of women and feminism. We women are just as muchapart of the Reddit community as the guys. And Reddit is not merely accepting of women, but actually appreciates women for their intelligence inamuch of mainstream society often doesn’t. Yes, if you seek out reason to be offended as Ms. Watson does, you’ll find it. But that’s true of any diverse community.  The SXSW panel was just an embarrassing train wreck. Adrian Chen isatabloid journalist who makes his living stirring up muck and exploiting others, and his issues with Reddit are mostly related to his personal issues with the site after he got his tabloid banned from the site. But Rebecca Watson really is why the audience turned again the panel. By the end of the talk the SXSW attendees had clearly had enough of her nonsense. When she tried to silence Alan Schaaf for attempting to meekly point out that there might be perhaps some good people who use Reddit, she reachedanew low and lost whatever support she may have had at that point. Reddit definitely has flaws. The “hivemind” is overwhelmingly atheist and far left leaning in it’s politics, to the exclusion of all other viewpoints. But no one who is familiar with the site would say it lacks adequate introspection. Reddit users pointing out faults with Reddit isapopular discussion and debate topic on the site. But the discussion panel at SXSW as justamudslinging session with some nutcases who have personal issues with the site that don’t mesh with the reality of it.

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