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    • kadijad

      This article is premised on the belief that people hate Kanye West because of 1) his music, and 2) the messages within. I’m notabig fan, but it’s not the music. He’s just an asshole. He’s likeachild that destroys things if you don’t pay them any attention. He has TWICE crashed the stage when he didn’t win an award to invalidate the artist who did win, to deride the audience and fans who celebrate those artists, and to bash whatever academy brought those people together to celebrate music. His egoism is so massive (in the way in which he conducts himself off stage), that it often eclipses otherwise thoughtful lyrics in his music.  Coming fromaman who has sampled far superior music in 363 of his music tracks,Iwould think that he would exhibit some humility and respect for those who came before him and the contemporaries who change the face of music around him. Asablack musician myself,Ifeel that he could be so much better. Independent of race,Iwould argue that most of his detractors simply disagree with the unprofessional way in which he conducts himself.Idon’t entirely disagree with this article’s analysis of the social impact the content of his music has on music nor the ways in which his social commentary/criticism effects play into the perception of him as male artist. ButIdo take issue with the lack of accountability we hold him to for his disrespect with the excuse that he isa”mad genius.” Iengross myself in many forms of art, andIknow some ingenious people; some of whom arealittle socially awkward, but that doesn’t detract from the power of their work. But Kanye West is an asshole. And he’s just plain crazy. He doesn’t do this for any other reason than the need for ENDLESS validation to feed his astronomical ego. e.g. Crashing the stage during an award show because you didn’t win…twice (see: EMA’s 2006, Taylor Swift 2009). As African Americans, there’s already enough working against our community. Don’t validate the ignorance and racism of others by also being an asshole.

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