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    • kac5202

      well…you did bring up a good point. Why did Liam have to sleep with Amy after getting drunk? I know they’re 15…but I don’t remember being that stupid. I think the writers are trying too hard to be realistic, 15-year-olds really aren’t that stupid like Karma, but I guess this is what makes a show.
      The only major thing I’m peeved about is the fact that both Karma AND Amy lost their virginity to Liam…sigh…I’m serious, most 15-year-olds really aren’t that stupid.
      Can we please just give Amy a really awesome and hot girlfriend!!??? Karma can have Liam, I just want Amy to be happy. Too bad this probably won’t happen since the writers can’t let go of Karma because she’s like the golden girl. I love you Katie Stevens, but I stopped caring for your character last episode when one lie after the other kept on coming. #GiveAmyaNewGirlfriend

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