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    15 Signs You're Ready To Go Back To College After Winter Break

    It's been nice to do nothing for a month, but you're ready to go back and party... I mean, study!

    1. You talk to your stuffed animal like it's your roommate.

    2. You've started wearing flip-flops in your own shower.

    3. You've watched so much Netflix, you can feel your brain starting to melt.

    4. You've tried using your dining hall pass in your kitchen.

    ... and you act like it's a buffet that you have all to yourself.

    5. Your parents caught you doing shots of OJ at the breakfast table.

    6. You tried playing Humans vs. Zombies with your mom.

    She didn't appreciate it.

    7. Some nights your dreams take place in your school's library.

    Even though the only time you went in there was during finals week.

    8. Your friend's basement is the only place you can sneak a few beers.

    9. You've exchanged enough ugly snapchats with your college friends to fill a museum.

    Did she just screenshot me?!

    10. Sleeping in is starting to lose its glamour.

    Too much of a good thing?

    11. You've called one of your parents "Professor" by accident.

    12. You sort of miss socializing in the bathroom.

    It's quiet... too quiet.

    13. You've beaten every level of Candy Crush. Twice.

    14. Your dog is getting tired of spooning with you.

    But let's be honest, that's the closest you'll get to action in your hometown.

    15. You visited your old high school because you couldn't think of anything else to do.

    Sorry, everyone already forgot about you.

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