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      I decided to join the volleyball team my sophomore year of high school. My school team played in the fall and began conditioning in the weeks before school starts. On the very first day of practice I hadn’t eaten anything besides a pot of mac and cheese. During this same time I was suffering from stomach cramps and pain- which I would later discover to be the onset of a lactose intolerance. Back to the first day of conditioning, we were running laps around the soccer field as a warm up. As I run I realize that I have to poop. My dilemma at first was that the school was closed and I was going to have to poop in the woods. I figured that i would be able to make it work & continued my run. As I round one of the corners of the field something inside me shifts. It is then I realize the horrible reality that was this poop. To pure panic that I felt when I realized I was not going to be able to make it to the woods. Never the less I move forward as quickly as my clenched ass would take me. But it was to no avail, there was nothing that could stop the watery mess that was exploding from my asshole. In a moment of complete horror and distress I made a decision….I just sat down. At this point all hope was lost. It was then that my coach walked over to see what was wrong. I was then forced to sit in my own messy shit and explain that my soul just died. The best part was calling my mom to come pick me up from practice a tad bit earlier than intended. Once she arrived I was already humiliated by the line of other players watching me from the sidelines. Knowing that standing up would cause the poop to slide down my legs, I opted for a crab walk across the field to my mother’s car. The shower I took when I got home was the greatest thing ever to occur in my entire lie.

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