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29 Ways You're Actually A 1930s Kid

Because life was better in black and white.

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8. It seems like everyone is hopping on the latest fitness trend.


14. The tabloids are the same bastion of trustworthy journalism as ever.


19. You remember this prank.

"Oh, if your hand is the same size as your face then you're pretty.."

then when they check, punch their hand and run away.


21. Your version of Siri might not be as elegant, but she's just as sassy.

22. Sometimes it feels like the late nights out are getting to you.

23. Cinematic special effects feel almost too real.



25. But you know how to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays.

27. You trust your politicians as far as you can throw them.

And weighed them to see exactly how far that was..

(The traditional weighing in of the mayor in High Wycombe.)

29. You look at the 00s and question the fashion choices they made.

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All of the videos are courtesy of the fantastic British Pathé, who uploaded 80,000 videos from their archives last week. You can check out the rest of them here.

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