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24 Types Of Essay Crises That Every Student Will Recognize

If you've never experienced at least one of these, everyone else at school probably hates you.

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1. "Oh, it's ages until our next essay deadline..."


2. Psyching yourself up for a really productive day...

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...but getting nowhere.

3. Finally getting down to it.

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4. When the only thing your friends will talk about are their essays.

5. When you return to your essay and try to pick up a thought mid-sentence.

6. When you come across a quote that fits really well with your argument, but it's from a questionable source.

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7. Trying to refer back to lecture or seminar notes.

8. When you decide to leave the library because you're definitely going to keep working at home.

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9. When somebody else is really happy with how their essay is going right now.

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10. It's 8 p.m.

11. As soon as you've committed to an all-nighter.

12. When someone asks you why you're writing an essay on this particular subject.

13. When you're all in the library and someone gets up to hand in their essay.

14. When you read any academic source.

15. When you're desperately trying to reach your minimum word count.

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16. When someone asks you why you didn't start writing last week instead of hours before the deadline?

17. You read an essay that completely contradicts everything that you're trying to say in yours.

18. When you're working out ways to deal with your 400-word shortfall.

19. Imagining the feedback session to be something like:

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20. When your parents call to find out how you're doing.

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21. Coming across a really good point an hour before deadline and trying to cram it in...

...but promptly giving up.

22. Realising that your essay is unsalvageable rubbish at the last minute.

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23. When you've finished your essay but go back to proofread.

24. And incredibly, you manage to hand it in on time and it isn't even that bad.

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