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15 Reasons "Dimly Lit Meals For One" Is Your New Favorite Tumblr

One man's quest to chronicle the most depressing dinners on the internet.

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Dimly Lit Meals for One is a food blog with a difference. Instead of capturing irritatingly perfect gourmet dinners, it is a much more real depiction of what most of us eat every day: poorly thrown together and questionably nutritional meals.

Tom, the genius behind the blog explains: "I just love the idea of someone taking honest photos of their meals, real meals, which haven't been tastefully instagrammed and which didn't come off a fancy food truck in Hackney.

"People feel really bad because the stuff they turn out can't hope to look like something Nigella or Jamie would make. A lot of people can't be arsed with chopping vegetables, sometimes we just look at what's in the fridge and get filled with a deep sense of despair."

1. A twist on a British classic

Say you ran out of chips and consulted your inner child on what to replace them with. We imagine this might be the result. Still, you have to admire the gusto with which it was thrown together, and really, what better accompaniment to your five sausages and beans than ketchup soaked Pom-Bears that are impossible to eat with a fork?


7. Carbs with a side of carbs

From the unfortunate diner: "This looks like a standard chippy tea, but what makes this depressing, is that I once accidentally sent that picture to a guy I was talking to on IM.

I meant to send it to my mom, who I was talking to at the same time, to show her I was not 'eating nothing.'

I was even angry with her when she said she hadn't received any picture, after I had sent it to her multiple times……before it hit me that I sent it to the guy, several times over, in reply to his question 'what are you doing tonight?'


I'm doing carbs.




10. Dis-couscous-ting / Via

"Adding a pickle to a plate makes everything okay, because it’s green, and if you have at least one green thing on your plate you’re certain you can’t be told by your doctor that you’re incapable of looking after yourself when you get like this. You didn’t tell her that until two days ago you’d just been eating paperclips and walking around an uncarpeted flat in sandals.”


13. Pork'n'Cheese

Another from the diner: "I had a leftover pork chop. I thought it might go well with cottage cheese, because, you know, Parmesan-crusted steak, quarterpounder with cheese, prosciutto and mozzarella. Not so much."

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