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What It's Like Going To The Dentist

You're lying to yourself if you say you don't mind going to the dentist. Let's be real, you hate it just as much as everyone else.

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You find yourself moaning in pain one day and your friends start to notice something is up but you keep telling them that you're fine.

You keep telling yourself it's nothing major, just some popcorn kernel stuck between your teeth. But in all seriousness, you haven't been to the movies in months.

But then your friends learn that you haven't been to the dentist in years... years!


You look to your friends in despair, begging them not to force you make that terrifying call to schedule an appointment. You have flashbacks to your childhood when your parents lied about where you were going... wait, this isn't the zoo!

But you finally come to terms with yourself and admit what must be done. You cannot take this pain for much longer.

And when you see the dentist and assure him that you brush twice daily and floss on the regular, he sees right through your lies.

Then you realize he can clearly see from your patient chart that you haven't been to the dentist in a very very long time. Your jig is up and you know that you have to tell him about that toothache you have.

He makes you start with a quick brush and rinse. You swear he purposely gave you the gross stuff... but in reality, he's a dentist and EVERYONE gets the gross stuff.


He reclines the chair, starts his exam, and keeps readjusting the world's most annoying lamp.

He starts to break out his heavy duty tools and you know this is going somewhere you don't want to go.

You have a cavity and he needs to take care of it before it gets worse. But you've been down this road before, you'd rather just cut your loses now and leave - you don't really need that tooth anyway.

And then the dentist reminds you about the last time you didn't get a cavity taken care of and you realize you have no choice.

The dentist whips out his novocain, his favorite drill, and gets to work... all while you suffer in his chair of evil, unable to move.

But when you leave, you tend to forget all about the nasty bits because that was some good novacain and you're totally still woozy.

And after you make it home alive and realize your tooth doesn't hurt anymore, you are rightfully proud of yourself for enduring the dentist.

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