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15 Thoughts On Raising Empowered Black Women

So you want to raise your Black daughter into a Black woman who is totally empowered and has #BlackGirlMagic on full display? Read on.

1. Talk to other Black moms about your daughters.

2. Teach her about the legacy she comes from.

3. Teach her how to celebrate herself.

4. Teach her that Black Joy is a THING.

5. Teach her about body positivity (and model it in your own life).

6. Teach her she is allowed to be "unpleasant."

7. Teach her that self-expression matters.

8. Teach her to always be learning new things.

9. Teach her to adventure and play.

10. Teach her about self care.

11. And teach her that self care helps her prepare for challenges.

12. Teach her that she is the perfect shade.

13. Teach her that radical Black girls grow into radical Black women.

14. And teach her that she is magic.

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