This See-Through Doodler Will Make You Question Your Reality

The doodler, Marty Cooper, calls his series AugDEmented Reality.

1. He uses transparency paper to bring his creations off the page and into the real world.

2. They’re as weird as they are humorous, and it’s easy to get sucked into his unique world.

3. It started with a rare sighting of the Speckled Freeway Yak.

4. And it’s only gotten hilariously weirder since then.

5. Sometimes it feels like they have a mind of their own.

6. Others bend the fabric of space and time.

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7. Some get to celebrate birthdays.

8. But others are just flat-out gross.

9. Grossly cute, that is.

Instagram / Via

10. Marty even keeps one as a pet!

Instagram / Via

11. And they sometimes go on cute trips together.

Instagram / Via

12. Or make really weird bets.

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13. It’s not all fun and games, though.

Instagram / Via

14. Because somebody’s gotta pay the bills.

15. In Marty’s world, everyone pitches in.

Instagram / Via

16. Yup, even the Easter Bunny.

Instagram / Via


18. You can follow Marty for more hilarious insanity on Tumblr or Instagram.

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