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Can You Really Become Rich And Famous From YouTube?

Is becoming a YouTube sensation, a realistic dream? Or should you follow the path of an instagram model, Viner or even a SnapchatGod? Well sadly if your cats aren't getting enough likes, your 7 second punchlines are too punny and your Snapchats consist of nothing but 60 seconds of random poor lit photos then you have no other option.

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Most of us have dreamt about cruising through life, rolling in the £££ or $$$. sitting back and just doing one video a week.

but most of us end up starting a channel, posting 3 videos then giving up as the only people who watch your channel are your relatives and even then you'd rather die than have people find out about your channel.

for 17 year old AllAsian, UK youtuber. all the above appears to be true.

No views, no subscribers and just a lot of time put into recording and editing videos...

but all that can change! Just click the links to check out his work and maybe you could be inspired to start from the bottom

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